Research and access

Witness protection is the highest priority at the Chechen Archive.

The video, photo and audio collections and the full database are therefore stored off-line at a secure location in Switzerland. People interested in witness testimonies or other material that contain personal data are hence required to go through a strict security screening first. If no security issues arise and you are granted authorisation, you will be offered personal consultations.

The challenges of the project include handling personal data and other sensitive information. The Chechen Archive is committed to preventing the disclosure of any sensitive information about the witnesses and victims. The strict rules of cataloging and storing the video material offline aims to preventing potential identifying of protected individuals such as witnesses or their relatives from being potentially identified. Browse or search the Chechen Archive catalogue to find out more about the nature of our holdings.

Conditions of access and use

The archive material contains personal data and other sensitive information. An open and public version of the digital database that does not contain sensitive information is online and accessible free of charge for legal, academic, educational and research purposes.

To access the complete database and the archive material please download and fill in the application form below and send it back to the Chechen Archive to the address or to

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